Children of Eden
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a musical by Stephen Schwartz

Ruth Wills Auditorium

July 2000

Father(Joseph Pradel)

Eve (Juanita Crawford)






Snake, Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge

(Rebecca Haskins, Ardel Richardson, Davidson Dupie, 

Kenisha Cocks, Nathaniel Ezekiel)

Adam, Cain & Abel(Patison Harrigan, 

                                                Eduardo Samuel, Patville Harrigan)

Cain & Abel

The Cast of Animals with Eleanor Stacey and Jasmine O'Brien to Left and lower Right

Noah and Mama Noah 

(Roots, Zonelle Richardson)


Noah's Family

(Zonelle Richardson, Victor Connor, Devon Ryan, Catriona Lake, Yicell Hodge)

Yonah( Vanessa Croft)

Japeth and Yonah

(Daryl Thompson and Vanessa Croft)

The dove and choreographer

(Jasmine O'Brien)

Ain't it Good


The director Tony Rust and his assistant Glenn call the show


Father Joseph Pradel
Adam/Storyteller Patison Harrigan
Eve/Storyteller Juanita Crawford
Snake Rebecca Haskins
Cain/Storyteller/Giraffe Eduardo Samuel
Able/Storyteller/Anteater/Elephant Patville Harrigan
Noah Roots
Mama Noah/Storyteller/Soloist/Tiger Zonelle Richardson
Ham/Storyteller/Bird Devon Ryan
Shem/Storyteller/Soloist Victor Connor
Japheth Daryl Thompson
Yonah/Storyteller/Soloist/Flamingo Vanessa Croft
Aphra/Soloist/Storyteller/Leopard Catriona Lake
Storyteller/Seth/Tree/Anteater Nathaniel Ezekiel
Storyteller/Flamingo Shemelia Sutherland
Storyteller/Giraffe Wallace Richardson
Storyteller/Monkey Craig Webster
Storyteller/Aysha/Butterfly Yicell Hadge
Storyteller/Stone Shermelle Lake
Storyteller/Giselle Alisha Lake
Storyteller/Tree/Snake Marejah Smith
Storyteller/Snake Lynnesis Brooks
Storyteller/Giselle Melissa Samuel
Storyteller/Giselle Judine Green
Storyteller/Giselle Akira Edwards
Storyteller/Bird Shenette Richardson
Storyteller/Crab Maricia Hodge
Storyteller/Crab Thiery Hughes
Storyteller/Tree/Monkey Ardel Richardson
Storyteller/Tree/Frog Davidson Dupie
Storyteller/Horse Giselle Bartlette
Storyteller/Tree/Frog Kenisha Cocks
Storyteller/Soloist/Lioness Tasha Wells
Storyteller/Soloist/Flamingo Natasha Webster
Director Tony Rust
Producer/Musical Director Eleanor Stacey
Asst. Musical Director Janet Rust
Choreographer Jasmine O'Brien
Stage Manager Emma Roydon
Asst. Stage Managers Shawna Richardson,  Karra Richardson
Lights Andy Brown
Front of House Joash Proctor, Eulanda Dupie, Shyrone Hughes
Costumes Niesha John, Margaret John, Eleanor Stacey, Tony Rust, Jasmine O'Brien, Susan Croft
Set Eleanor Stacey, Emma Roydon, Wallace Richardson, Arkim Richardson, Catriona Lake, Victoria Gumbs, Ariana Gumbs, Thiery Hughes, Victor Connor, Patville Harrigan, Devon Ryan
Video/Commercial Crispin Brooks