1981 - Eugene, Oregon


in cooperation with Eugene Parks and Recreation Department

Co-Produced and Directed by Tony Rust, Glenn Perry, Janet R. Thorstenson and Kathy Johnson

Musical Director - Glenn Perry      Choreographer - Janet R. Thorstenson

godspell all for the best.jpg (117675 bytes)

Yes, it's all for the best...

foreground: Dave Cunningham and Tony Rust

background: Mary Phifer, Mark Larson, Robin Patterson, Shannon O'Curran, Kelly Limbaugh, Shawni Modrell (hidden), Martin Oroyan, Janet R. Thorstenson and Todd Hermanson

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top to bottom: Shawni and Janet, Kathy, Martin, and Shannon, Kelly, Robin, Mark, and Todd with Mary in the Rear

godspell jesus.jpg (17528 bytes)Jesus (Tony Rust)

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Animal, Tony and Dave

godspell glenn and norma.jpg (12046 bytes)Glenn Perry and Norma Hoefer

Pretty much everything I do is in memory of Glenn... including naming my son


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