the american tribal love-rock musical

presented at Theatre 1-2-5 in New York City

September 16-October 22, 1994 and again December 8-31, 1994

Directed by Tony Rust

Choreographer: Allyson Sitler

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The tribe (Tomi Thomspon and Mykeko Bryant on Ladder)

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MANCHESTER ENGLAND Claude (Tim Douglas Jensen) on Berger's Back(Howard Ben-Stock) with the tribe

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AIR (Tomi Thompson, Lindsay Genshaft as Chrissy, Allyson Sitler as Jeanie)

hair where do i go.jpg (32060 bytes)

WHERE DO I GO?  Tim Douglas Jensen as Claude with the Tribe

hair walking in space.jpg (32255 bytes)WALKING IN SPACE The Tribe

hair good morning starshine.jpg (34615 bytes)GOOD MORNING STARSHINE

Howard Ben-Stock as Berger, Victoria Roty as Sheila, and Tim Douglas Jensen as Claude with The Tribe

Heir Director (and wife)hair director.jpg (38628 bytes)


Director Tony Rust
Choreographer Allyson Sitler
Musical Director Richard A. Silverstein
Executive Consultant James Rado
Stage Manager Fred Velez
Lighting Designer Carsten Weiss
Sound Engineering Larry Basinski with Glenn Settle
Berger Howard Ben-Stock
Claude Tim Douglas Jensen
Sheila Victoria Roty
Woof Nicholas Lanier
Hud Mykeko Bryant
Jeannie Allyson Sitler
Chrissie Lindsay Genshaft
Margaret Mead Vanessa Spina
Tribe Marty Bischoff
Michael Dicus
James J Jackson, Jr.
Lisa Nacino
Mark Smith
Sandi Smith
Tomi Thompson
Bass Nader Ashway
Guitar Dave Emmett
Keyboards Gene Hicks
Drums Ras


Second run cast changes/additions  
Claude James J. Jackson, Jr.
Tribe Rima Ben-Stock
Simona Berman
Thais McGhaney
Nicole Perlman
Michael Rupp

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