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At the request of Tom Rice, I adapted Herman Melville's MOBY DICK. We first workshopped it and performed it as a staged reading and later brought it to full production in 1989.

From the program notes:

    Herman Melville's novel MOBY DICK is an American classic that pits man against whale but more importantly, man against himself.  The novel explores all the aspects of a whaling voyage in great depth while spinning the tale of Captain Ahab and his last voyage.  We have tried to keep true to Melville's original language in an effort to bring his novel to life on the stage rather than attempting to re-write or restructure his work.

    While Moby Dick is on the surface Ahab against Moby Dick, "Ahab beware of Ahab" is the core of the tragedy. Man's need to blame his shortcomings or problems on a greater force than himself and his desire to have a quest or monster he can destroy in the real world while his inner monsters wreak havoc send Ahab on a voyage that lesser men would blanch at and saner men would turn from.

    A last note: we at Quinapalus do not condone the hunting of whales, and see this production not as a celebration of killing these great mammals but rather as a tribute to them and a reminder to us all that when we look to destroy the world we live in we only look to destroy ourselves. The whale wins.

Our fine review (select it to see a full size version)mobydick review.jpg


moby dick ishmael queequeg.jpg

Tim Zay as Ishmael,  Mathew Shiner as Starbuck,  Kevin Hills as Peleg, Oliva Le'auanae as Queequeg


moby dick father mapple.jpg

John Moss as Father Mapple with company


Tom Rice as Ahab - Oliva Le'Auan ae as Queequeg  moby dick ahab and queequeg.jpg 


moby dick harpoon group.jpg

Oliva Le'Auanae, John R. Little, Tom Rice, Matthew Shiner, George Croom and company


moby dick boomer and bunger.jpg

Tom Rice as Ahab, Matthew Shiner as Starbuck, Kevin Hills as Dr. Bunger, John Moss as Captain Boomer

moby dick whaling boat.jpg

(front row) John R. Little, Tim Zay, Jimmy Blackman, Kevin Hills, John Moss, Nick Lindsay, Reed Payne, George Croom, Oliva Le'Auanae, Tom Rice

(upstage) Matthew Shiner



Director and Adaption Tony Rust
Stage Manager Susan Feurzeig
Production Designer Peter R Feuche
Associate Set Designer Deirdre E. Donohue
Technical Director Anthony Ferrer
Lighting Designer Stephen Petrilli
Assistant Director/Costume Coordinator Denise Dalfo
Master Electrician Janet Rust
Captain Ahab Thomas Rice
Ishmael Tim Zay
Starbuck Matthew Shiner
Stubb John R. Little
Father Mapple, Captain Boomer John Moss
Peleg, Dr. Bunger Kevin Hills
Queequeg Oliva Le'Auanae
Dagoo, Cook George H. Croom
Landlord Reed Payne
Elijah Jimmy Blackman
Carpenter Nick Lindsay

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