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flyer art by Lambert Moss

Set in the deep south of oh, round about now, Moliere's TARTUFFE as directed by Tim Zay was a fun loving romp of sexual high jinks. Holy Rollers will always be fair pickin's for satirists!

(The photo quality of this page is rather poor as all I had to work with was a proof sheet. If anyone knows the where abouts of our photographer, Bonnie Kalisher, please put us back in touch!)

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Kay Rothman as Mariane, Gregg Rochman as Damis, Janet Rust as Dorine, Laura Gillis as Elmire, Tim Zay as Madame Pernelle, and George Croom as Flipote

Bill Christ as Orgon and Tony Rust as Tartuffetartuffe and orgon.jpg (23047 bytes)


tartuffe cleante and orgon.jpg (24414 bytes)Bill Christ as Orgon and Denise Dalfo as Cleante


tartuffe and dorine.jpg (18330 bytes)      tartuffe and dorine again.jpg (21498 bytes)

Tony Rust as Tartuffe and Janet Rust as Dorine

tartuffe and elmire.jpg (28651 bytes)

Laura Gillis as Elmire and Tony Rust as Tartuffe


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Tim Zay, Kay Rothman, Janet Rust, Lee Grober, Tony Rust, John Moss, Bill Christ, Laura Gillis, Denise Dalfo and Gregg Rochman   


Director Tim Zay
Stage Manager Susan Kelleher
Scene Designer Tony Rust
Costumes Denise Dalfo/Michael Hyacinth
Cleante Denise Dalfo
Madame Pernelle Tim Zay
Flipote George Croom
Elmire Laura Gillis
Dorine Janet Rust
Damis Gregg Rochman
Mariane Kay Rothman
Orgon William Christ
Valere Lee Grober
Tartuffe Tony Rust
Monsieur Loyal George Croom
An Officer John Moss
Florent, servant to Tartuffe Daniel Platten

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