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Poster art by Lambert Moss

Our final production was the restoration swashbuckler THE ROVER by Aphra Behn. October 11-27, 1991.

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Kay Rothman as Florinda, Janet Rust as Hellena, Jean Parker as Valeria and David Conaway as Don Pedro

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Tony Rust as Wilmore, Denise Balthrop as Angellica, Tim Zay as Belvile, Mark Edward Lang as Frederick and David Conaway as Don Pedro


rover blunt and lucetta.jpg (23519 bytes)  Virginia Thomas as Lucetta and Bill Christ as Blunt

rover wound.jpg (27786 bytes)Tony Rust as Willmore and Erich Schmidt as Don Antonio

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Jean Parker, Mark Edward Lang, Bill Christ, Virginia Thomas, Ovidio Vargas, Kay Rothman, Tim Zay

Tony Rust, Janet Rust



Director Joeseph Garren
Fight Choreographer Michael G. Chin
Costumes Jeanne Bosse
Sets Anthony Ferrer
Stage Manager Ali Sherwin
Belvile Tim Zay
Frederick Mark Edward Lang
Blunt Bill Christ
Willmore, the Rover Tony Rust
Lucetta Virginia Thomas
Sancho Ovidio Vargas
Florinda Kay Rothman
Valeria Jean Parker
Hellena Janet Rust
Don Pedro David Conaway
Angellica Bianca Denise Balthrop
Moretta Susan McBrien
Don Antonio Erich Schmidt
Sebastian Donald Sadler
Phillip Daniel Platten

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