Beast on The Moon
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Beast On The Moon

By Richard Kalinowsky

Brooklyn College Theater Departmen

New Workshop Theater May 11-14, 2000

MFA Candidate Pre-thesis


Working on My MFA in directing under the tutelage of Prof. Thomas Bullard at Brooklyn College, I directed the second act of this touching play about the horrors the Armenian people lived through and their resolve to continue their lives.

My cast:

Elisa T. Malona as Seta Tomasian

Carlos Caldart as Aram Tomasian


Frank Solorzano as Vincent


Dramaturg - Virginia Coates

Set Design - Monika Gray

Lighting Design- Hee Kyung Ann

Costumes - Rebecca Kreinen


Vincent and Seta

Vincent is comforted

Aram is Proud!

That coat should not be worn...


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