Hamlet 2001
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Barefoot Theatre Productions Presents


by William Shakespeare

Directed by Tony Rust


AnaMaria, Odalis DeJesus, John Harlacher,

Chris Lueck and Ricardo Melendez

Lighting Designer  HeeKyung Ann    Fight Choreographer  Mike Chin

Assistant Director Jordana Phokompe

June 21-24, June 28-July1, 2001

THEATRE 22      54 West 22nd Street



Ricardo Melendez as Hamlet and Odalis DeJesus as Horatio/Ophelia

The Ghost appears

Gertrude, Claudius, Laertes, Ophelia, Hamlet

Hamlet and King Hamlet 

   Ophelia and Polonius

Hamlet and the Players



  Player King and Queen 

Player King, Lucianus, Hamlet, Gertrude



There is a willow...

Hamlet, Gravedigger, and Yorick

Hamlet, Horatio, Osrick

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