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poster art by Tony Rust

MACBETH Directed by Tony Rust

March 29-March 31 1990 at the Walker Street Theater 46 Walker Street NYC

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Tim Zay as Banquo and John Moss as Macbeth surrounded by the witches (Kathleen Brant, Kay Rothman, and Janet Rust)

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John Moss as Macbeth and Denni Lee Heiges as Lady Macbeth


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Kevin Hills as Ross, Phillip Douglas as Macduff and J. Barrett Cooper as Malcolm


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Gregg Rochman, Reed Payne, Kevin Hills, Ed Morrill, Phillip Douglas, Donald Kimmel, and Michael Karon



Director Tony Rust
Assistant Director Denise Dalfo
Lighting Designer Anthony Ferrer
Stage Manager Susan Kelleher
Master Electrician Michael Marino
Fight Choreographer Ed Morrill
Costume Designer Christy Myers
Scene Design Tony Rust
Music George Croom
Witch 2 Kathleen Brant
Malcolm J. Barrett Cooper
Macduff Phillip Douglas
Lady Macbeth Denni Lee Heiges
Ross Kevin Hills
Lennox Michael Karon
Sergeant, Porter, Murderer 2, Caithness Donald Kimmell
Seyton, Lady Macduff Susan McBrien
Duncan, Old Man, Siward Ed Morrill
Macbeth John Moss
Angus, Murderer 1 Reed Payne
Donalbain, Lord, Siwards Son Gregg Rochman
Fleance Jessica Rothman
Witch 1 Kay Rothman
Witch 3 Janet Rust
Banquo, Doctor Tim Zay


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