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Starting off our big three show season, we again went with a classic... Three Men On A Horse, a zany American romp set in the world of horse bettors. The production was completely black and white with Act and scene curtains setting the time and place.

three men cutie.jpg (140911 bytes) Denise Dalfo as Mabel and Paul Kassel as Erwin


Tim Zay as Charlie, Denise Dalfo as Mabel, Bill Christ as Patsy, and Paul Kassel as Erwinthree men hanging.jpg (146519 bytes)













three men urp.jpg (255975 bytes)Bill Christ, Paul Kassel, and Tim Zay

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Tim Zay, Denise Dalfo, Bill Christ, Paul Kassel, and Tony Rust as Frankie

Director Joel Friedman
Stage Manager Michael Burgi
Technical Director Anthony Ferrer
Scenic Painter Worthy Designs
Costumes Ken Anders, Denise Dalfo


Audrey Trowbridge Kirsten Skrinde
Erwin Trowbridge Paul Kassel
Clarence Dobbins John Moss
Jockey James A. Hassett
Harry Jeffrey Becker
Charlie Tim Zay
Frankie Tony Rust
Patsy William Christ
Mabel Laura Gillis
Gloria Laura Gillis
Hotel Maid Sue Yocum
W. Carver Gloria MacBride
Piano and Musical Director George Croom
Bass Mark Sherwood
Drums Aaron Waitz

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