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Directed and Choreographed by Janet R. Thorstenson

Brother's Keeper was set to Peter Gabriel's SHOCK THE MONKEY album

based on an idea by Tom Romero

It centered around two brothers who struggle between modern society and their tribal roots. They were aided by the Medicine Woman who personifies Steven Biko and the stand he took against the apartheid movement.

BROTHERS KEEPER ran in rotating rep with RICHARD III

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Glenn T. Ford, Denise Thomas, Robert Nunez


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Vic DiMonda, Glenn T. Ford, Patti Thompson, Denise Thomas, Susan Fleck

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Glenn T. Ford, Robert Nunez


Director/ Choreographer

Janet R. Thorstenson

Costume Design Douglas Hout
Set Design Tony Rust
Lighting Design Mark Dingley
Fight Choreographer Thomas Rice
Stage Manager Tony Rust
Light Board Operator Tom Rice
Dance Captain Susan Fleck
Gabriel Glenn T. Ford


Robert Nunez
Medicine Woman Denise Thomas
Mariotta Ema E. Mosby
tribe/ modern society Susan Fleck
  Jules Leo
  Patti Thompson
  Victoria Font
  Vic Dimonda

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